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E-Safety at The Richard Heathcote CP School



There are many ongoing initiatives in school that both elevate the status of E-Safety and actively engage the children in natural dialogue about their role as good digital citizens, alongside an engaging response to guidance. The children are encouraged to discuss their ideas about e-Safety during computing lessons and, indeed have lessons which are based on E-Safety. Every computing lesson starts with reminders about E-Safety and E-safety posters are displayed on the mobile trollies and in classrooms.  In addition, school e-Safety is discussed in PSHE topics and in staff meetings.

Children, parents and staff always complete a AUP (acceptable use) proforma, which, when signed, and returned to school, gives permission for their child (or staff themselves) to access the Internet on all devices at school. Our policies are current and displayed on our website. Staff also complete a periodic e-Safety Skills Audit, used to inform and to set the tone for impending staff training each year.

Student teachers and classroom volunteers each receive a Staff AUP when they join our school, which is signed before they receive a Guest login for our network.

Should any parent/carer wish to know more about our terms and /or policies, please contact Mr Nash.



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