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Reading at our School

In Key Stage one, we work hard to continue the good start in EYFS with regards to learning to read.

It is our aim that all children enter Year Two as strong readers. We therefore continue grouping for ‘Read, Write Inc’ synthetic phonics, where children are taught in small groups of similar ability. We also have interventions such as one-to-one phonics so that no child is left behind.

In KS1 it is normal for a child to re-read the same book several times until the teacher is confident they fully understand the book. Comprehension is vital at this age.

Once children have reached the National expectation in phonics, they begin a more formal approach to English lessons. This programme of teaching follows on from the pace and passion needed in phonics to continue to make outstanding readers by developing comprehension skills, fostering a love of reading and becoming accomplished writers.

The opportunities, organisation and provision for the teaching and learning of reading are as follows:

Reading Scheme Statement

Oxford Reading Tree
All Aboard
New Read 360 Project

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