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Maths is GREAT in our school – we love it!

Children are challenged at their appropriate level; working towards making accelerated progress from their starting point.  Intervention is integral part of our working day, closing gaps with vulnerable groups of pupils and focusing on challenging the more able pupils. 

Assertive Mentoring assessments are used each half term to track and assess the children’s progress.  Any misconceptions are addressed in the ‘basic skills’ sessions each day.  The daily reinforcement and revision ensures that concepts are less likely to be forgotten and enables the children to make better progress.

BIG maths is a weekly activity which engages the children to focus on mental calculations and maths attainment statements. The ‘Total Recall’ sheet asks the children a range of questions on addition, subtraction and multiplication tables within a set time.   Both assessments provide the children with a fun and motivational way to track their own progress and set their own targets for maths. 

Moderation throughout school allows the teaching staff to gain an insight into the progress being made and areas to focus on.  The calculation policy is followed by members of staff and various resources are used in line with the new curriculum – there is no set scheme.  Mastery elements of maths are used to challenge pupils in the spring and summer term to ensure that a larger proportion of children reach exceeding.

Assessments are tracked using DCPro - The assessment criteria follows the structure below:

Covered – the work has been covered with additional support, however the child appears to not make progress (this is where intervention needs putting into place

Emerging into the stage

Developing more strategies and starting to understand some mathematical concepts

Securing - developing a deeper understanding, but doesn’t have sound knowledge of all the mathematical curriculum for their year group

Expected - the children have covered and understand 90% of the curriculum

Exceeding – Children are 100% secure with the curriculum and are able to reason and apply their skills, they have mastered their stage

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