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At The Richard Heathcote Community Primary School we take e-Safety very seriously and are constantly looking for fun and engaging ways to raise awareness to help keep our children safe online.

There are many ongoing initiatives in school that both elevate the status of e-Safety and actively engage the children in natural dialogue about their role as good digital citizens, alongside an engaging response to guidance. The children are encouraged to discuss their ideas about e-Safety using our e-Safety Blog and the Blogger's Cafe on our Learning Platform. Our Digital Leaders are also actively involved in raising awareness  ​and lead the way with blogging initiatives and as a group they write and perform an annual e-Safety play during a special assembly. 

In addition, school e-Safety assemblies are held during each term and focus on a current relevant topic - Our latest assembly focused on how to remain e-Safe when uploading selfies and the children shared their ideas during a fun written activity as well as during the main assembly discussion. The children's ideas and comments now forming part of the school e-Safety display to allow for continued ongoing commentary and dialogue, and helping to keep the importance of Selfie Safety on the agenda.

E-Safety is also a feature of many lessons throughout school with active discussion and learning activities, and some classes creating their own esafety songs to support complete ownership of our Blogging Rules and their AUP, which are also displayed in each classroom as a visual reminder, and that staff use to run through with the children prior to work on the Internet. Our younger children are actively encouraged to get to know the many well known e-Safety characters,  such as Smartie the Penguin, Hector and Digi-Duck, and to think about what advice they might give us to keep us safe when we go online. 

At the beginning of each term the relevant AUP for both staff and children is displayed on our Network computers as standard, and login is only allowed when each user agrees to the terms. A copy of the children's relevant AUP also goes home at the beginning of each school year after the children have engaged in a formal lesson designed to cultivate growing understanding, and whereupon we encourage parents to go through each statement with their children and let the children share their thoughts about the lesson. A 'Safety Starts With Me' sticker is displayed on each desktop in the computer suite along with a set of Blogging Rules between monitors, these serve as additional visual reminders which are often referred to throughout day to day computing dialogue. Staff also complete a periodic e-Safety Skills Audit, used to inform and to set the tone for impending staff training each year.

All parents receive an AUP at the beginning of each school year, which when signed and returned to school gives permission for their child to access the Internet on all devices at school. The Parent AUP also includes additional pages of helpful information offering insight to help them engage in their children's online safety.

Student teachers and classroom volunteers each receive a Staff AUP when they join our school, which is signed before they receive a Guest login for our network.

We have recently begun using Digital Badges to reward independent learning on our Learning Platform and recognising the importance of acknowledging children who consistently show e-Safety awareness, share ideas, and consistently follow our School Blogging Rules, and ​AUP an E-Safety Digital Badge has also been created. As the children work towards Digital Badges during each term, a weekly certificate that is awarded during our Celebration Assemblies has also been created to recognise and acknowledge the efforts of our children who regularly login to the Learning Platform to engage and participate with the activities and learning opportunities avaialble on each Classroom page and within the Student space. The children take personal responsibility for documenting their visits by ticking the day to day Learning Platform sheet located in each classroom and posting a blog post on our Working with LP365 Blog to tell about their learning experience.

To assist both parents and children we have carefully thought out e-Safety for You pages with relevant links to helpful websites. These are located in the Parent and Children section of this website and within the Student Space of our Learning​ Platform, which also has direct links from every classroom space, allowing for the children's easy access. We have also included the CEOP button which can be used for advice or to report something that worries children or parents/carers online. In addition we provide web links to a regular parent e-Safety newsletter, which can be found in the Parent Section and on the e-Safety for Parents Page along with other valuable resources such as to A Parent's Guide to e-Safety and Positive Talk - Cyberbullying.



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