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Sycamore Class

 Welcome to Sycamore Class! 

Mr Powell is our Teacher and Mrs Edwards is our Teaching Assistant.

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Please see below your home learning tasks for week beginning Monday 30th March 2020...

Hi, I hope you saw Mrs Chell's Facebook post about the school work. Sycamore's page has been updated for this week and follows the same pattern as last week.

Home Learning

Reading: Reading is extremely important and you should be making time to read each day. Each week, I will put a daily reading activity for you to complete. 



Monday - Complete the comprehension attached to the link (see answers here).


Tuesday - Listen to an audio book. If this is not possible, read a paper book, newspaper or magazine or something else of your choice. You will need to create an account to listen to the audio books.



Wednesday - Download an eBook. If this is not possible, read a paper book, newspaper or magazine or something else of your choice. You will need to create an account to download the eBooks.



Thursday - Read a book of your choice to someone in your family.


Friday - Pick a book that you have read this week to write a book review (Friday's writing activity).





Writing: Each week, I will put a daily writing activity on the website for you to complete in the book you took home. Also, use the Writing Expectations provided in the links (Year 4 and Year 5). Also, see the sheet for writing expectations on the front page of your book (Year 4 & 5 Spring and Year 4 & 5 Summer).

Here is the complete spelling list for Year 4 and Year 5 (if you wish to continue learning the spellings that the children have being doing for homework).

Please see below your activities for the week.



Monday - Write a recount about your weekend. Remember to look at the writing target sheet (e.g. use fronted adverbials etc).


Tuesday - Complete the activities attached to this link. The write a story task on the first page is for Wednesday.


Wednesday - Write a story based on the picture from yesterday's link.


Thursday - Write a report on the Vikings. Use the link below and other information online to help you:



Friday - Write a book review about either a magazine, newspaper, chapter of a book or book, webpage, football programme or comic book.




Maths: It is extremely important that you continue to practise your times tables. The activities that will be set will be focused on recapping areas that we have already covered. Use the link attached and spend 25-30 minutes a day completing the small activities. 


Mini Maths: Go through the weekly activities for your year group. Each week should take only a few days to complete, so don't worry if you start Week 2 or 3 this week!


Note: If myminimaths is not available (owing to high demand on their website), there are lots of materials for all KS2 at http://www.mathsphere.co.uk/resources/MathSphereSampleWorksheets.htm.
Timestables: The first link will bring you to a screen which has 25 questions on.  The second link is games and you can practise specific times tables.



Please see the attached link for your wider world activities and daily exercise.


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