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 Welcome to Oak Class! 

Miss Mills is our Teacher  

Mrs Blanch and Miss Ridgway are our Teaching Assistants.

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13th July 2020

Can you believe this is our last week of the year? Let's make it a super one. Enjoy your transition session on Friday with your new teacher and have a fabulous Summer holidays. :)

Miss Mills

As you know, reading is so important to keep doing as much as possible. Being a fluent reader unlocks so much learning to you and also, it's fun!

We have FREE access to another reading website until the end of July.

click on:


And use the following login information:

          Username:  UKfreeaccess

          Password:   engage


Miss Mills


Our school is now using The National Oak Academy. This is a website that has been approved by the Department for Education and one that follows The National Curriculum. This means that children at home can still receive a lesson taught by a teacher. For those that do not have the facility to stream videos, from the website, I will also provide an activity or worksheet that, where possible, follows the activity on The National Oak Academy for Reading, Writing and Maths. This will be underneath.


Each day will have at least three sessions:


Year 2's page on the website is:


Please follow this link and choose the weekday that you need.

For those who cannot follow the Oak Academy, please find activities below:


Each day, try and practice a few spellings from the Year 2 writing checklist below

Monday - 


Tuesday - Write a Summer 'bucket list'. What would you like to do this summer holiday? On my list is, find a new walk to do with my dogs, read a new book every week, take my nephew to a wildlife park. I'm sure you have lots of super ideas too!

Wednesday - Create your Dream Holiday! While things are getting back to new normal, we can't necessarily go on the holidays we might have had planned. Use your imagination to plan your own Dream Holiday where you can go anywhere and do anything. For example, play badminton on the moon!

Thursday - Write down all the things you are looking forward to next school year. Maybe it is seeing your friends regularly again, learning how to do new things in your favourite subject, or perhaps you are hoping to have a new responsibility in your classroom. 

Friday -  Continue to make time to read daily. Read a range of text types and genres, share stories together. Below are the daily reading links, including FREE reading materials.





And use the following login information:

          Username:  UKfreeaccess

          Password:   engage

Choose something you have read this week - anything at all! Whether a book, magazine, poem etc - and write a review of it. What did you like? What didn't you like? What was your favourite part and why? Summarise the key events. Who do you think would enjoy reading this?

Something different?

If you would like to try a different activity this week, write a school report for a character from your favourite book. Are they sensible or silly? What is their favourite subject?

Writing Checklist

See the link to the Year 2 writing checklist. Your child's writing should aim to include as many of these things as possible.
Year 2 writing checklist
Monday - Friday
I am leaving up the  Maths activity booklets uploaded from previous weeks. I am also adding another below. These will remain up for the next two weeks. It is important now that you are applying all you have been practicing to different questions. If you are ever unsure of what to do, you can still visit Oxford Owl to some reminders.
Below are general Maths activities. Have a go this week if you didn't get chance before
Each level becomes slightly trickier, but it may be useful for you to start with level 1 and see how you go.
Level 1 Challenge booklet
Level 2 Challenge booklet
Level 3 Challenge booklet
Below are some more booklets, each booklet increases in difficultly, but starting from the bottom is helpful for all  as it will help you spot any concepts you need to spend a bit more time on.
Booklet 1
Booklet 2
Booklet 3
Here is another booklet to work through. From page 12 the questions are 'challenge' questions. Push yourself to have a go at these.
Many areas of Maths booklet

Black Lives Matter

A lot of important things are happening in the world at the moment and your child may have some questions. Please use these resources as a talking point if you would like to explore this with your child or if they are asking any questions that you are finding tricky to answer.




Finally...a bit of fun!

Daily Exercise should be happening EVERYDAY, but this may take any form that suits you and your family. I love a walk in the woods with my dogs!








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