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Coour changing flowers.

Use a clear container, water, food colouring and white flowers. Put the flowers into the coloured water and see what happens.

Can you make a telephone call?

Ask mummy or daddy if you can use the telephone and decide who you would like to talk to. Press the correct numbers on the telephone and see if you can connect your call to that person. Enjoy your conversation!

Go for a walk in the garden and notice the signs of Spring. Can you find – buds on trees, flowers growing etc. Draw what you find.



Reading stories.

Choose a story and learn the parts of the book – front cover, pages, text, title, Author and Illustrator. See if you can build a story by using the illustrations in the story.

Treading pasta.

Find a ribbon or length of string. Tread the pasta onto the threads and build a pasta pattern.


Play dough numbers.

Make some play dough using

2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of coloured water

Mix all together.

Roll out worm shapes and mould into number shapes.


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Day 1


Counting pasta pieces in to a bowl. How may can you count?




Number recognition

Select a number from a group of 1-10. Dip your finger into paint and print as many of your finger prints for the amount of the number selected.





Sort out the washing, putting the items into the correct groups




2D/3D shapes

Look around the house and fins as many 2D circles you can find.




Singing number songs.

Sing Five little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log.


One writing activity a week

Trace over a picture using tracing paper or greaseproof paper using your pencil with a tripod finger grip (two fingers and a thumb) showing a super pencil control as you follow the picture lines.






What can I hear.

Stand quietly in the house and listen to the sounds you can hear. Name each sound and see how many you can hear.



Mirror talk.

Continue mirror  talking holding the mirror in front of your mouth and say letter sounds watching the shape your mouth makes.



Beats and sounds.

Can you play an instrument and sing a nursery rhyme and see if you can keep to the rhythme



I spy with my little eye.

Choose an item and give the first letter sound of that item. The other player then has to find the item you are thinking of.

Day 5

Listen for the magic word.

Listen to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. (YouTube) and play an instrument when hearing the word “ huff”.



 Welcome to Elm Class! 

Mrs Mynett is our Teacher and Mrs Jaques is our Teaching Assistant.

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