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Elm Class

Your teacher is Mrs Mynett
and your teaching assistant is Mrs Jaques



Please see below your home learning tasks for week beginning

Monday 18th May 2020

Please can everyone try to do:

All parents are invited to send photos and descriptions to 2Simple to inform their child’s profiles. Some parents are struggling with the inbox@2buildaprofile.com email address so please find the last emailed profile that you received and reply to that for more success. Alternatively you can share what your child has done by emailing earlyyears@heathcote.staffs.sch.uk






Day 1


Caterpillar dough. Choose a number and roll out the correct number of dough balls. Place the dough balls into a line and add a caterpillar face.




Number recognition

 Broken hearts. Cut out 10 heart shapes and cut each one in half. Write 1-1 etc on each heart and then mix them up. Try and piece them back together saying the name of each number.





Collect some coins into a bowl. Sort the coins into other bowls according to the size and colour. Have a look on each coin and work out what number/amount each coin is worth.




2D/3D shapes

Cut out 2D shapes from coloured pieces of paper. Shapes to use are, circle, tringle, rectangle, square and star. See if you can build a picture of a house or rocket using all the shapes.



Day 5

Singing number songs

Sing the song – Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse ran up the clock. Pretend you are the mouse and use your fingers to run the mouse up and down the clock. Other versions can be found on YouTube.

Writing Activity:

Trace over a picture using tracing paper or greaseproof paper using your pencil with a tripod finger grip (two fingers and a thumb) showing a super pencil control as you follow the picture lines.One writing activity a week.






Letter sound recall.

Using the alphabet letters in cursive formation, hold a letter up and recall what that letter sound is.



Down on the farm.

Name farm animals and say the first sound of each animal. Cow-c  pig-p duck-d etc.



Sounds around you home.

Move around your home saying the first sound of items you choose. Fire-f  window-w etc.



Touch and feel sound box

Place items in a box/bag. Select each item saying the first sound of each item.

Day 5

Listen for the magic word.

Listen to the story of The Little Red. Play your instrument when hearing the word, “hen”

This story is available on YouTube. Here is an example:

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