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Willow Class

 Welcome to Willow Class! 

Mrs Coll is our Teacher and Miss Ridgway is our Teaching Assistant.


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Mrs Coll

Please see below your home learning tasks for week beginning

Monday 18th May 2020

Each day please try to complete:

All parents are invited to send photos and descriptions to 2Simple to inform their child’s profiles. Some parents are struggling with the inbox@2buildaprofile.com email address so please find the last emailed profile that you received and reply to that for more success. Alternatively you can share what your child has done by emailing earlyyears@heathcote.staffs.sch.uk


‚ÄčThis week's Rainbow Challenges


Maths – adding and taking away numbers up to 20.

Day 1

Before you start this week’s work please check that your child can count down from 10.

Then move on to counting up to and backwards from 20. There are lovely YouTube videos to support this.

Counting to and from 10:


Counting from 20:



Use your child’s keyring and ask them to order the numbers to 20 by themselves. (10 if that is there current stage) Ask them to cover their eyes and remove a number/ 2 numbers /3 numbers. Can they tell you which numbers are missing?


Using the number line, can they count on or back from a number that you choose? For example, count on from 9 all the way to 20. Count back from 11 all the way to 0.



Day 2

Today we’re looking again at the ‘first, now, then stories’ that make up a number sentence.

Have a look at these addition cards and see if you can write the number sentence.

Can the children make their own addition story?




Can your child count on from the first number and find the answers to these number sentences?





More first, now and then stories. Have a look at these taking away cards and see if you can write the number sentence.

Can the children make their own subtraction story?




Have a try at completing these subtraction number sentences. You can draw out the different parts and cross them out, if it helps you.




Phonics - please remember that Mr MC on YouTube offers brilliant sessions that the children can watch.

Here's our most trickiest of sounds...URE

Day 1


Return to www.teachyourmonstertoread.com

Continue on your monster’s journey.

What have you had to do so far?



Day 2

Can your child read and answer the questions with a yes or no?

Day 3

Read the sentences carefully and tell your grown up which picture it links to.

Day 4

Can you write, in your exercise books, what you can see on the pictures?

I was lucky enough to see some baby lambs and my sister in law has recently hatched some baby chicks at her home.

Day 5

Access https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources and read the real and nonsense words using your phonics skills.


Access Oxford Owl for free eBooks that are pitched at your child’s ability. There are Read Write Inc books and also Julia Donaldson’s Songbirds books that the children can read online. Read one a week as a minimum. For those children that are not yet accessing a reading book – please read a story to your child but stop and ask them to read every 5th word, for example, (ideally a word that can be sounded out.) 



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