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In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a winged horse that was sired by Poseidon. Every time Pegasus put his hoof on the ground, a healthful spring would be created. Dreaming of Pegasus is a sign that your spiritual nature is evolving and growing. You are on track, and will shortly gain fresh insights and new opportunities to develop further.

In Pegasus class, we believe we are always learning, growing and progressing!


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for regular photos of all the great things we do in year 6!



Some general reminders:

P.E Kits:

Please ensure your child’s kit is appropriate and in school Monday to Friday. Unfortunately if your child does not wear either the appropriate kit, or forgets their kit, they will not be allowed to join in PE.


Several children were set extra homework and sat in a lunchtime detention for not completing it on time last year (in readiness for high school rules) so please ensure your child returns any homework on or before the Wednesday after it is set the previous Friday. WWW.spag.com homework is to be completed during the seven days after it is set. I set it on a Friday and need all children to have completed it by the following Friday so I can look at the analysis and discuss answers and strategies with the children then.


Great web sites to help prepare for SATs in May are:

BBC KS2 Bitesize and Satpapers.org (There are many more…just google)


As above and Google: ‘Kangaroo maths’, nrich.maths.org, numeracy ninjas (challenges-KS3 maths!)


This is a big year for your child and we start our tasks at 8.45a.m. If your child arrives at or past 9.00a.m they may have missed important work that often links to the day ahead or recaps on the previous day.  Please endeavour to have your child in school by 8.45, although I know this is not always possible. Thank you.

I will be allowing pencil cases but children MUST keep them in their trays not on the desk (so they must be slim enough to fit). No valuables please.

I will be deciding who can use school handwriting pens over the course of the first term so pens should not be brought from home.

My school email address is below. Please send me an email saying hello so I can keep your address and regularly contact you with updates and SATs help.



Finally, please ensure you check your child’s bag regularly for important letters. Several children received numerous copies for ‘lost’ letters last year.

Please keep in touch with me and get involved in homework and revision….it’s a big year for them! It’s never too early to start revision and I will be rewarding any evidence I see from home or at school. Encourage your child to show me their revision work!

Mr Nash      Mrs Prideaux  

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Look here for regular photos of the cool things we get up to in year 6!


Some of our amazing Anderson Shelters:


                                                                                                                                                      ....a very talented bunch of children!


We were delighted to have a visit from 'The Wheels of War' display in aid of Help for Heroes



Year 8 from Sir Thomas Boughey came along to help us decorate Christmas biscuits. They were delicious!



We were investigating shadows in science and made some shadow puppet theatres!

​We visited Standon Bowers! Here are a few photos of us enjoying ourselves, learning some new skills and embracing the weather!!


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