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E-Safety For You

Welcome to our E-Safety page, created to help you stay in the know and offering you some exciting E-Safety activities and games to play, all aimed at helping you to stay safe on the Internet.


The Internet and technologies are important parts of everyone's life, and in school we use lots of technology to help you learn. 

The Internet and other technologies offer us fun ways to learn and entertain ourselves, but it is also important that we all understand how to take care of ourselves whilst using them, just as we do when we cross the road, use electricity or cook a meal. 

To do that, effectively, we need to know how to avoid risks, make sensible decisions and follow all the things that have been put in place to help us. That is why we have created these pages.


Below you will find links to special Web sites that are specifically designed to help you learn how to stay safe on the Internet and when using technologies. Some are fun, some test your knowledge of E-Safety and others are simply informative.


It is important is that you visit this page regularly. Please don't think that because you visited once and played a couple of games that you know all about E-Safety. Visit at least once a week and keep up to date and learn more.

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