Meet Our Staff

Welcome to our Staff page.

Here you will find a list of the dedicated team members that work in our school and their responsibilites. All of our staff work incredibly hard to make our school the most enjoyable and successful place it can be!


Senior Management Team

Mrs J Banks          Head Teacher (SENCO, Safeguarding Officer, First Aid)

Mrs R Barber        Deputy Head Teacher (Maths, Toottoot, Health and Safety, TA PM, Assessment and Data, Policies, NQT Mentor, First Aid​)

Mr A Nash            (English, Languages, Deputy Safeguarding, Student Mentor)


​Mrs P Bagnall        Secretary/ Bursar (Health and Safety)


Classroom Staff

​Miss S Abbotts     Early Years Teacher (EYFS Manager, Anti-Bullying, P.S.H.E, Staff Governor, P.E, First Aid)

​Mrs C Mynett        Nursery Nurse (First Aid)

​Miss S Ridgway (Maternity Leave)     Early Years Teaching Assistant


​Mrs L Chell            Year 1 Teacher (History, Geography, Forest Schools, First Aid)

​Mrs J Mills            Year 1 Teaching Assistant (Forest Schools Support)


​Mr D Ruddle          Year 2 Teacher (SMSC, British Values, Music, P.S.H.E, School Council)

​Mrs K Blanch         Year 2 Teaching Assistant (HLTA, Healthy Schools, Lunchtime Supervisor)


​Miss S Darby        Year 3 Teacher (Mon/Tue) (Art)

​Mrs M Clark         Year 3 Teacher (Wed/Thur/Fri) (R.E)

​Mrs J Prideaux    Year 3 Teaching Assistant (SEN TA, Asthma, Governor, Lunchtime Supervisor, First Aid)


​Mrs A Shenton    Year 4 Teacher 

​Mr R Smith         Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Displays, Dyslexia, Facebook, Website, Lunchtime Supervisor, First Aid)


​Mrs R Barber      Year 5 Teacher (Maths, Toottoot, Health and Safety, TA PM, Assessment and Data, Policies, NQT Mentor, First Aid​)​

​Mrs J Jaques      Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Mornings) Early Years Teaching Assistant (Afternoons) (Senoir Lunchtime Supervisor, First Aid)

Mr A Nash          Year 6 Teacher (English, Languages, Deputy Safeguarding, Student Mentor, Senior Leadership Team)

​Mrs S Edwards   Year 6 Teaching Assistant


​Mrs I Clutton     Supply Teacher


Lunchtime Supervisors

​Mrs J Jaques (First Aid) - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr R Smith (First Aid)

Mrs J Prideaux (First Aid) 

Mrs K Blanch

Mrs K Clarke

Mrs J Jarvis

Mrs J Jarvis-Dale


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Batkin                 Catering Manager

​Mrs J Jarvis-Dale        Catering Assistant

​Mrs D Perry                 Catering Assistant


Auxiliary Staff

Mrs C Whalley           Key Holder

​Mrs J Batkin             Casual Key Holder

​Mr B Samuel             Site Supervisor



Position Name Responsibilities

Our classes

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