Our Mission Statement:

Learning Together

Our Vision Statement:

"Join us in our journey to success and happiness - it all starts here"

Governor Information


​Welcome to our Governor information page, this is where our Governors will provide you with all of the information needed, in relation to the governance of our school.


Governors Vision:

The Governing Board are passionate about all children at The Richard Heathcote Community Primary School learning together and having a happy and successful journey through education.

Our vision is one of maintaining the good features whilst striving to improve the content and quality of education for the children.

Pupils will receive high quality teaching, by following a creative curriculum, to become outstanding learners who are able to maximise their full potential.

We value each child and recognise the needs and aspirations of all the pupils, parents, staff and community.


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Committee Members:-

Finance Committee Curriculum Committee Premises Committee Pay, Performance and Staffing Committee Complaints Committee Appeals Committee
Mr I Smith (Chair) Mrs D Wilcox (Chair) Mr I Smith (Chair) Mr I Smith (Chair) Mrs K Clarke Mrs C Gibson
Mr T Harrison Mrs C Gibson (Vice) Miss S Abbotts   Mrs G Gherman Mrs D Wilcox
Mrs J Prideaux Mrs G Gherman Mrs J Prideaux      
Mrs K Clarke Mr I Smith        
  Mrs J Prideaux        







Our classes

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